Group Builds

Matchbox 50th Anniversary

ACTSMS Group Build 1 for 2023

Build is open from Wed 8 Feb 2023 to Wed 31 May 2023.

Matchbox 50th Anniversary

Wed 8 February 2023 to Wed 31 May 2023 - Let’s build 3 Colour models again!

It has been 50 years since the release of the first Matchbox model kit and to mark the occasion, we are holding the Matchbox 50th Anniversary Group Build.

Matchbox kits were the common inspiration to many young buddying modellers. Sure, the sprues were moulded in all the wrong colours and the panel lines were dug out by the infamous “phantom trench digger”. They were affordable, easy to build and ready accessible as they sold though most newsagencies (remember these?).

Return with us to a time when modelling was a simpler pursuit. When aftermarket parts haven’t been invented, painting was optional, and you can start a model after school and have it finish by dinner time.

Conditions of the Group Build

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Competition and Prizes