Group Builds

ACTSMS Group Build 3 for 2022

Animation and Mecha - ESCAPE THE OLIVE DRAB!

Build runs from: Wed 15 October 2022 to Tue 31 January 2023

Escape the monotony and reality of camouflage and enter the colourful and fantastic world of Animation and Mecha.

With mecha, Gundam is the first name that comes to mind and its profound influence on the hobby and the model industry. However, there are many other mecha stories and franchises to choose from. Shows as Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (better known in West in the heavily edited form Robotech), Space Battleship Yamato and Mobile Police Patlabor all have strong followings. Non-mecha animation like Demon Slayer, Sword Art Online and Sailor Moon enjoyed phenomenal success and much merchandising. And of course, we have the world of Studio Ghibli with aviation inspired movies such as the Wind Rises, Porco Rosso, and Laputa.

With some much choice, the “Animation and Mecha” group build will encourage modellers to try something different.

Conditions of the Group Build

  • Event will start from Wed 15 Oct 2022 and end at midnight on Tue 31 Jan 2023 Sydney/Canberra time (however allowance will be made for participants in other timezones to end at their local time)

  • Opened to all model builders, whether ACTSMS member or not.

  • Subject must be from an animated show and not live action shows.

  • The show does not have to be Japanese, animation from any country is accepted.

  • Model can be mecha, vehicles or figures.

Registration and Updates on the ACTSMS Facebook Page

Register your participation by posting on the ACTSMS Facebook page with your choice of model and a photo of the unstarted model kit contents.

Tell us about your progress by posting updates on the ACTSMS Facebook page to show everyone how you’re going. Please keep these posts on the dedicated Group Build thread to keep them all together.

Optional Online Events

To be announced. During the group build we will be hosting online events for participants to meet and chat. Share your interests, techniques, successes, or frustrations. Stay tuned for dates and details.

Competition and Prizes

The main aim of the group build is foster interest and participation in model making for everyone.

As an extra bonus for ACTSMS members joining in this group build, we are organising a small competition with some nice prizes thanks to the generous support of the Canberra Hobby Centre and NEZK Toys. More details to come.