ACTSMS Meetings & Events

The committee has put considerable thought and effort into our activities calendar and will be presenting a great range of workshops, feedback sessions, guest speakers and Peoples Choice sessions throughout the year. To help you plan your diary, we offer the following calendar which clearly lays out what you can expect at our monthly meetings; like all things, this template will evolve over time and feedback is definitely welcomed.

Club meetings are held at the Hellenic Club – Woden and normally commence at 7:30 PM. However, please Note: In 2022 we’ve been able to secure the Holt Community Hall for some meetings, so please check the calendar carefully as we’ll hold some meetings at the Hellenic Club  on Wednesdays and some at the Holt Community Centre on weekends.

PS: Keep your eye on the calendar below – it will be progressively updated as the topic’s of each meeting are decided.

2023 Meetings & Activities








(Lots more detail to come!)


** ACTSMS Build Days @ Ronin Games, Woden

These informal build days have been organised to allow plenty of space for those wishing to spend a few hours to meet up and construct your models with like minded friends regardless of the subject matter. As there is plenty of time, they're a great opportunity to also get some one-on-one help with a part of your modelling project you might be stuck on whether the project itself or a technique.

Note: A fee of $5 per person is required to cover venue costs.