Admission to our monthly meetings is free and we encourage visitors to turn up to any of our meetings, sample our activities and say G’Day! If you like what you see, you can sign up and join us :-) (details below).

We also strongly encourage members to bring visitors along in the hope that they may also wish to sign up and share our wonderful hobby.

Join the ACTSMS 

We offer two tiers of membership, Full and Associate.

Full Membership (Adult):

Full membership of the ACTSMS is for members who wish to participate in all ACTSMS events and enjoy all voting rights (including proxy votes) at General Meetings. Full Membership includes access to: 

Associate Membership (Adult):

Associate Membership is for persons wishing to join the ACTSMS who do not reside in the ACT or surrounding area and would like to participate in ACTSMS members' only events. Associate Membership fees will be fixed at 50% of the General Membership fees as agreed at the AGM. Associate Members will have the same voting rights as General Members (including proxy votes). Associate Membership includes access to: 

When you are ready to join; our current fee structure offers one, two or three year memberships. Membership fees help us pay for our meeting venue and support our activities.

Full Membership: One year.

Full Membership: Two years

Full Membership: Three years:

Annual adult, Associate and family memberships are due for renewal in July each year (our membership year is July – June), with discounts applying to two- and three-year memberships.

To join the Society, you can either pay online below – or simply rock up to one of our monthly meetings and approach the Treasurer! They will happily relieve you of your hard-earned dollars and welcome you to the fold :-)

Join the ACTSMS 

Members Handbook

Here is the ACTSMS Members Handbook! (Updated 2023)

Enjoy! :-)

ACTSMS Constitution

Here is the ACTSMS Constitution - (May 2022).

Members Name Badge template

Wearing a name badge at meetings is a great idea so fellow members get to know you faster!

Here is the standard template you can use to create your own name badge! We have supplies of the plastic badge-holder-thingy to complete your badge at our meetings - download the template, fill it in, print it and bring it with you! :-)

Name badge template; in Powerpoint or PDF format.