ScaleACT 2016

Regular Competition Categories


Aircraft. 1/72. WW2. Multi-engine. Allied.
Stuart Coleman; Douglas C-47

Aircraft. 1/72. WW2. Multi-engine. Axis
John Booth; Heinkel He177 A-5

Aircraft. 1/72. WW2. Single engine
Laurence Maftei; Grandad’s plane

Aircraft. 1/72. Post War. Multi engine – Jet
Calum Gibson; Handley Page Victor B.2

Aircraft. 1/72. Post War. Multi engine – Prop
John Booth; AVRO/GAF Lincoln Mk31

Aircraft. 1/72. Post War. Single engine
Jiri Kure; MiG-15bis SB

Aircraft. 1/48. WW2. US Built. Single Engine
Dave White; TBF-1c Avenger

Aircraft. 1/48. WW2. Commonwealth. Single Engine
Calum Gibson; Spitfire Mk.IXc

Aircraft. 1/48. WW2. Axis. Single Engine
Stuart Coleman; FW-190 A5

Aircraft. 1/48. WW2 Multi Engine
Stuart Coleman; P-38E Photo Recon

Aircraft. 1/48. Post War. Commonwealth
Bruce Anders; Bae Harrier GR7

Aircraft. 1/48. Post War. Non-US Built
Calum Gibson; Mitsubishi F-2A

Aircraft. 1/48. Post War. US built
Calum Gibson; F-4EJ Phantom – Goodbye Okinawa

Military Aircraft. 1/144 – Post WW2
Peter Mahoney; AVRO 748

Military Aircraft: 1/32: WW2
Eric Galliers; Hawker Demon Mk1

Military Aircraft: 1/32: Post WW2
Eric Galliers; CAC Sabre

Civilian Aircraft. Multi Engine
Eric Galliers; DeHavilland DH-88 Comet

Civilian Aircraft. Single Engine
Graham Carter; Gloster IIIA

Andrew Perren; S-70A-9 Chinook

Military vehicles & artillery

Military vehicles, 1/72
Clayton Ockerby; Panzer II LUCHS

Military vehicles. 1/48 – WW2
Scott Rapmund; Komatsu G40 Bulldozer

Military vehicles. 1/35. Pre WW2
Clayton Ockerby; Mk.V – Estonian

Military vehicles. 1/35. WW2. Allied
Greg Neal; GAZ-AAA truck

Military vehicles. 1/35. WW2 Axis
Ashley Hoath; Hetzer

Military vehicles. 1/35. Postwar Commonwealth
Clayton Ockerby; Chieftain Mk.10

Military vehicles. 1/35. Postwar European built
Clayton Ockerby; Iraqi Type 69-II

Military vehicles. 1/35. Postwar US built
Ashley Hoath; M48 Patton

Military vehicles. 1/35. Postwar Wheeled
Azrael Raven; G6 Howitzer


Ships. Powered
Edward Clark; HMS Hood

Ships. Subs
David Stevens; 1/350 Collins Class Submarine

Civilian Vehicles

Civilian Vehicles. Street Cars
Jason Woollett ; LFA

Civilian Vehicles. Competition Cars
Scott Rapmund ; Peugeot 206 WRC – Bozian Racing

Civilian Vehicles. Motorcycles
Lee Adams; 09 Yamaha YZR-M1

Figures & Busts

Figures & Busts. Historical. Busts
David Hay; BS Officer

Figures & Busts. Large (76mm +)
Michael Stynes; Private E D Stynes

Figures & Busts. Small (76mm -)
Michael Stynes; Charonte Gladiator


Diorama: Class A
Eric Klein; Stalingrad Breakfast

Diorama: Class B
Azrael Raven; Douki No Sakura

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Sci Fi, Fantasy, Movie. Figures
David Hay; Joker

Sci Fi, Fantasy, Movie. Air/Space Vehicles
Ben Frohling; Millenium Falcon

Sci Fi, Fantasy, Movie. Vehicles
Mark Hoyne; Ork Mega Dreadnought

Laurence Maftei; M19 Tank Transporter – Germany 1945

David McKinley; 21cm Stahl Mörser

The Kittyhawk Cup (Revell 1/72 Messerschmitt Me 262) sponsored by Runway 13
Stuart Coleman – Messerschmitt Me262

The Sentinel Shield (Tamiya 1/48 Daimler Dingo scout car) sponsored by SPECMod Models
Peter Davis – Daimler Dingo scout car

The Grail: “Beetlemania!”
Paul D’Orival – VW New Beetle

Special award winners

Best of Show Selected by the ACTSMS President, Chief Judge and Frank Morgan, sponsored by ModelArt Australia
Azrael Raven – Douki No Sakura

Member’s Choice as voted by ACTSMS members, sponsored by Platypus Publications
Michael Stynes – Private E D Stynes

People’s Choice as voted by show visitors, sponsored by Boomerang Models
Andrew Ziems – Hawker Typhoon

Juniors sponsored by the ACTSMS Committee
Jesse Judson – Panzer IV

Young Guns (13-17 years)
Chris Doppel – DUKW

Most innovative use of decals award sponsored by Custom Hobby Decals
Jason Woollett – Honda Repsol

Best application of decals award sponsored by Custom Hobby Decals
Calum Gibson – F-4EJ Phantom “Goodbye Okinawa”

The Masochist’s Award for courage in the face of a difficult project, sponsored by Runway 13
Grant Halstead – RAAF Hudson (Classic Airframes kit)

Best RAAF Model sponsored by The RAAF Association (ACT Branch)
John Booth – AVRO/GAF Lincoln Mk.31

Best Painted Model as chosen by the ACTSMS President and Chief Judge
Jason Woollett – VW Beetle

The Commonwealth Cup (best Australian/British/Canadian model in show)” as chosen by the special international judging team, sponsored by ACTSMS and IPMS Ottawa

1st – CAC Sabre by Eric Galliers

2nd – Boeing Vertol CH-47D Chinook by John Booth

3rd – Lockheed Model 10 Electra by Richard Hourigan

Best Model of an Australian Subject sponsored by Red Roo Models
John Booth – AVRO/GAF Lincoln Mk.31