2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the ACTSMS!

50 years young and still going strong!

A History of the ACTSMS Incorporated

One of the more significant activities of the 50th Anniversary Committee has been the development of the History of the ACTSMS Incorporated - a detailed and well researched look at the formation and growth of the society.

The history document is available for download here

ACTSMS 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

After a mammoth planning effort by the 50th Anniversary committee, the society celebrated our anniversary with a grand Gala Dinner. 

John Myszka presenting the History of the ACTSMS book to Juanita Franzi and Peter Mahoney - two of the very first members of the society. 

A very grand affair!

We were honoured by the attendance of Mr Frank Morgan - Australian Scale Modelling Royalty and long time ACTSMS supporter.

The power behind the throne,
Mr John Purcell. 

Life Members Rogues Gallery
Jerry Cashman, Mike Grieve, Dave White, Phil Keene, John Purcell, John Myszka & Dave Richardson 

Yes - there were speeches - Ray Bromwich in action.

Membership Honour Roll

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, the committee has instigated a society membership honour roll to record those who have been active members for a bloody long time! :-)

Honour Roll members were each awarded a lapel pin signifying their significant contribution to the society.

Airfix Congratulates the ACTSMS on our 50th Anniversary

ACTSMS Newsletter Archive

We are (slowly) working to digitise the archive of Society Newsletters.

Interested members can find the archive here. It's not complete yet, and although we have a great collection, there are some gaps :-(

Members - if you have an old society newsletter that you can't locate here, please let a Committee members know! We'd love to have the full set available for everyone to enjoy :-)