ScaleACT (Feb 2022) Competition Results

Special Awards

Best of Show sponsored by Runway 13 and the ACTSMS Life Members Group
Greg Lester: SMS Seydlitz & Zeppelin

Best RAAF Model sponsored by The RAAF Association (ACT Branch)
Joint winners:
Peter Davis: RAAF C-130H
Eric Galliers: S.E.5a

RAAF Centenary award – Series 1 aircraft sponsored by RAAF Heritage
Eric Galliers: S.E.5a

RAAF Centenary award – Series 2 aircraft sponsored by RAAF Heritage
Eric Galliers: Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk

RAAF Centenary award – Series 3 aircraft sponsored by RAAF Heritage
Peter Davis: RAAF C-130H

The Commonwealth Cup (best Australian/British/Canadian model in show), sponsored by ACTSMS, IPMS Ottawa & IPMS Farnborough
Eric Galliers: Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk

Best Painted Model sponsored by The Scale Modellers Supply
Marrisa Christina: The Blackbird

The Masochist’s Award for courage in the face of a difficult project, sponsored by Runway 13
Lee Adams: 1955 Maserati 250F Streamliner

People’s Choice sponsored by Platypus Publications and the ACTSMS Life Members Group
Andrew Evans: MH-60

Best Open Wheeler sponsored by the ACTSMS Committee
Eric Galliers; Brabham BT52

Category Results

01: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Small scale
Win: Matt Lyons, Messerschmitt BF-109E4
Commended: Peter Davis, US Navy Hellcat
Commended: Julius Emmerson, Ki-55

02: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Small scale
Win: Peter Davis, RAAF C-130H
Commended: Jiri Kure, North American F-82G Twin Mustang
Commended: Trevor Garnett, Armstrong Whitworth Whitley

03: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Medium scale
Win: Lukas Kasuba, Avia S-99
Commended: Scott Webb, IAR-80
Commended: Tony Allocca, Bf109G-6

04: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Medium scale
Win: Dave Richardson, Bristol Beaufighter TF.10 Israeli Air Force 1948

05: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Large scale
Win: Eric Galliers, Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk
Commended: Eric Galliers, S.E.5a
Commended: Eric Galliers, Miles Magister
Commended: Eric Galliers, Messerschmitt BF-108
Commended: Andrew Ziems, PZL P.11c

06: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Large scale
Win: Eric Galliers, North American OV-10A Bronco

07: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Small scale
Win: Trevor Garnett, General Dynamics F-16A

08: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Small scale
Win: Jiri Kure, F-4B Phantom II
Commended: Julius Emmerson, F-111G
Commended: Peter Davis, RAAF Wedgetail

09: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Medium scale
Win: Julius Emmerson, De Havilland Vampire FB.9

10: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Medium scale
Win: Edward Clark, McDonnell Douglas F4J Phantom ll
Commended: Peter Vonhof, EA6B Prowler

11: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Large scale
Win: Eric Galliers, North American F-100D Super Sabre
Commended: Peter White, F-16C
Commended: Eric Galliers, ME-163 Komet

12: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Large scale
Win: Peter White, MDD F-4J (UK) Phantom

13: Helicopters
Win: Peter Vonhof, USMC AH-1Z

14: Civilian & Airliners
Win: Jiri Kure, Avia B-534
Commended: Eric Galliers, Gloster IV

15: AFV. Tracked. Small scale
Win: Scott Taylor, Maus

16: AFV. Wheeled. Small scale
Win: Chris Leeman, Bushmaster
Commended: Scott Taylor, Bushmaster PMV

17: AFV. Tracked. Medium scale
Win: Paul Lee, T-55A

19: AFV. Tracked. Large scale
Win: Chris Leeman, Bergehetzer
Commended: Andrew Judson, British AVRE, Gulf War
Commended: Chris Leeman, Jadgpanther G2
Commended: Andrew Judson, Warrior
Commended: Geoff Wood, Sherman Easy Eight Korean War
Commended: Lukas Kasuba, Voroshilovets Tractor

20: AFV. Wheeled. Large scale
Win: Lukas Kasuba, B-Type Military Omnibus
Commended: Matt Hampton, Minerva armoured car
Commended: Matt Hampton , Type B Omnibus

21: Artillery
Win: Andrew Evans, Phalanx

22: Cars, street
Win: Andrew Crozier, 1966 Oldsmobile 442

23: Cars, motorsport
Win: Paul D’Orival, Ferrari 250 GTO Nassau 1962
Commended: Gordon Whaley, Opel Astra

24: Trucks
Win: Jason Waddell, R600 Mack (Eden’s Pride)
Commended: Jason Waddell, Kenworth Aerodyne

25: Motorcycles
Win: Lee Adams, Ducati Panigale WSBK 2014
Commended: Lee Adams, Honda NSR500 Mugello 2001

26: Diorama, Class A
Win: Stephan Joubert, Normandy Street Corner
Commended: Gordon Whaley, IRAQ street scene
Commended: Stephan Joubert, Signs of Spring

27: Diorama, Class B
Win: Matt Hampton, Light Car Patrol Palestine 1917
Commended: Marrisa Christina, Blue Angels’ Flight

28: Figures: Historical, Large
Win: Andrew Evans, On Target

30: Figures: Fantasy & Sci-Fi
Win: Mario Marangoni, The Mad Hatter
Commended: Luis Pinzon, Orkboy WH40K

31: Busts
Win: Andrew Judson, The last Viking, King Harold
Commended: Andrew Judson, Old Cowboy

32: Vehicles: Real Space, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Movie
Win: Luis Pinzon, Madness of the street

33: Gundam, Open
Win: Marrisa Christina, The Blackbird
Commended: Luis Pinzon, MG 1/100 Psycho Zaku Ver.Ka

34: Gundam, Straight Build
Win: Alex Ayre, ZGMF-1017 GINN

35: Ships
Win: Greg Lester, SMS Seydlitz & Zeppelin
Commended: Peter Vonhof, HMAS Darwin
Commended: Craig Stanley, IJN ZUIKAKU

38: What-If? All subjects
Win: Greg Lester, Graf Zeppelin

39: Scratchbuilt/Open.
Win: Eric Galliers, 1/4 scale Bf-109 Instrument panel
Commended: Luis Pinzon, Walker Bulldog

40: Juniors
Win: Oliver Marangoni, Roman Legion
Commended: Oliver Marangoni, Ardennes Offensive

41: Young Guns (13~17)
Win: Edward Scott, HG Zaku II Desert operations

42: Kittyhawk Cup
Win: Darren Dickerson, FM-2 Wildcat

43: Sentinel Shield
Win: Tony Allocca, T-55

44: The Grail (Something Spooky)
Win: Marrisa Christina, Eldritch Rising

45: Achievement Unlocked

Win: Richard Knight, Panzer 3 Ausf L

Commended: Taysha Fairley, Porcelain Silhouette