ScaleACT-22 Competition Results

Thanks everyone for a fabulous weekend event - the quality of the models submitted for competition was very high which made judging very difficult! 

Thanks also to our fabulous Sponsors - we couldn't do it without you!

ScaleACT-22 Sponsors

ps: Thanks very much to our fabulous photographer Nick H! 


Win: Oliver M "The Indian Wars"

Commended: James M "M4 2A1 Duster"

Congratulations to our other Juniors: Adeline, Christopher, Erin and Liam!

Young Guns

Win: David S, "Crayfish Evangelion  Production Model 02"

Achievement Unlocked!

A special competition category for modellers who've never entered a comp before!

Ground Subjects:

Win: Vicente Tan, BMW M3 E30 DTM Team Bigazzi 1991

Commended: Vicente Tan, Rusty Case Tractor

Air Subjects:

Win: Scott Hoffmann, Roland D.VIa

Commended: Ryan Ferdinand, Bf 109-G14/U4, flown by  Hptm. E Hartmann, 4./JG 52,

Special Categories

Best Car of the 80’s

Vicente Tan
BMW M3 E30 DTM Team Bigazzi  1991

Best WW2 Aircraft

Matt Lyons
Vickers Armstrong Wellington Ic

Sponsored by: Outlaw Paints

Best RAAF Model

Eric Galliers
F/A 18 Hornet

Sponsored by the Air Force Association - ACT Division

The Masochists Award

Greg Lester
USS Thetis Bay

Sponsored by: Runway 13

Best Painted Model

Marrisa Christina
Amazing Exia

Sponsored by: Scale Modellers Supply

The Commonwealth Cup

1st: Andrew Perren - DH 82 Tiger Moth

2nd: Eric Galliers – F/A 18

3rd: Simon Holdsworth - 1/200 Qantas Boeing 767-238ER

People’s Choice

Greg Lester - USS Langley 

Sponsored by: Platypus Publications


Sam Dwyer -  Schnell Marsche

Sponsored by: Runway 13

Diorama depicting King Tigers from sPzAbt506 being transferred to staging areas ready for Battle of the Bulge.
Single Meng King Tiger and Sabre rail car kits cut and built/painted to depict 2 separate King Tigers.

Regular Competition Categories

(W: Category Winner, C: Commended)

01A: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Small scale. Allied

01B: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Small scale. Axis

02: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Small scale

03A: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Medium scale. USA

03B: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Medium scale. Other

03C: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Medium scale. Axis

04: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Medium scale

 05A: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Large scale. WW1

05B: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Large scale. WW2+

06: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Large scale

07: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Small scale

08: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Small scale

09: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Medium scale

10: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Medium scale

11: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Large scale

12: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Large scale

13: Helicopters

14: Civilian & Airliners

15: AFV. Tracked. Small scale

16: AFV. Wheeled. Small scale

17: AFV. Tracked. Medium scale

18: AFV. Wheeled. Medium scale

19A: AFV. Tracked. Large scale. German

19B: AFV. Tracked. Large scale. Other

20: AFV. Wheeled. Large scale

21: Artillery

22: Cars, Street

23: Cars, Motorsport

24: Trucks

25: Motorcycles

26: Diorama, Class A (0-1 Vehicle + 0-3 Figures)

27: Diorama, Class B (Not Class A)

28: Figures: Historical, Large (76mm+)

30: Figures: Fantasy & Sci-Fi (all)

31: Busts

32A: Vehicles: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Movie

32B: Vehicles: Real Space

33: Gundam, Straight Build

34: Gundam, Repaint

35: Gundam, Custom

36: Mecha

37A: Ships. Allied

37B: Ships. Axis

38: Subs

39: Rail

40: What-If? (All subjects)

 41: Scratchbuilt/Open. (Any scale, any subject)

44: Kittyhawk Cup

45: Sentinel Shield

46: The Grail