ScaleACT-22 Competition Results

Thanks everyone for a fabulous weekend event - the quality of the models submitted for competition was very high which made judging very difficult!

ps: Thanks very much to our fabulous photographer Nick H!


Win: Oliver M "The Indian Wars"

Commended: James M "M4 2A1 Duster"

Congratulations to our other Juniors: Adeline, Christopher, Erin and Liam!

Young Guns

Win: David S, "Crayfish Evangelion Production Model 02"

Achievement Unlocked!

A special competition category for modellers who've never entered a comp before!

Ground Subjects:

Win: Vicente Tan, BMW M3 E30 DTM Team Bigazzi 1991

Commended: Vicente Tan, Rusty Case Tractor

Air Subjects:

Win: Scott Hoffmann, Roland D.VIa

Commended: Ryan Ferdinand, Bf 109-G14/U4, flown by Hptm. E Hartmann, 4./JG 52,

Special Categories

Best Car of the 80’s

Vicente Tan
BMW M3 E30 DTM Team Bigazzi 1991

Best WW2 Aircraft

Matt Lyons
Vickers Armstrong Wellington Ic

Sponsored by: Outlaw Paints

Best RAAF Model

Eric Galliers
F/A 18 Hornet

Sponsored by the Air Force Association - ACT Division

The Masochists Award

Greg Lester
USS Thetis Bay

Sponsored by: Runway 13

Best Painted Model

Marrisa Christina
Amazing Exia

Sponsored by: Scale Modellers Supply

The Commonwealth Cup

1st: Andrew Perren - DH 82 Tiger Moth

2nd: Eric Galliers – F/A 18

3rd: Simon Holdsworth - 1/200 Qantas Boeing 767-238ER

People’s Choice

Greg Lester - USS Langley

Sponsored by: Platypus Publications


Sam Dwyer - Schnell Marsche

Sponsored by: Runway 13

Diorama depicting King Tigers from sPzAbt506 being transferred to staging areas ready for Battle of the Bulge.
Single Meng King Tiger and Sabre rail car kits cut and built/painted to depict 2 separate King Tigers.

Regular Competition Categories

(W: Category Winner, C: Commended)

01A: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Small scale. Allied

  • W: Eric Galliers, Pilatus PC-21

  • C: Jiri Kure, Brewster Buffalo F2A-3


01B: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Small scale. Axis

  • W: Matt Lyons, Mitsubishi A6M2b Zeke

  • C: Jiri Kure, Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu (Rex)

02: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Small scale

  • W: Julius Emmerson, BF-110C

  • C: John Booth, LOCKHEED HERCULES C-130A

03A: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Medium scale. USA

  • W: Chris Evenden, P-51D Mustang

  • C: Chris Evenden, P-47D Thunderbolt

  • C: Peter Morgan, P-47 Bubble Top

03B: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Medium scale. Other

  • W: Andrew Perren, DH 82 Tiger Moth

  • C: Clayton Ockerby, Spitfire MkVIII

03C: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Medium scale. Axis

  • W: Chris Evenden, N1K2 Kyofu

  • C: Scott Webb, A6M2 Zero

04: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Medium scale

  • W: Darren Dickerson, Beaufighter Mk1C

  • C: Edward Clark, IAI-58 Pucara

  • C: Ian Keizers, Westland Wyvern S.4

05A: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Large scale. WW1

  • W: Eric Galliers, Junkers J1

  • C: Peter Macarthur, Sopwith Snipe Early

  • C: Barry McDonnell, Sopwith Triplane - Capt Little RNAS

05B: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Large scale. WW2+

  • W: Clayton Ockerby, Bf109 E4 Schnauzl

  • C: Brad Fallen, 1/32 Hispano HA-1112 Buchon

  • C: Simon Tener, Ki-43ii Hayabusa (Oscar)

06: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Large scale

  • W: Peter White, DH Mosquito MkVI

07: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Small scale

  • W: Vicente Tan, F-5A Blue Diamonds Philippine Airforce

  • C: Barry McDonnell, LTV A-7B Corsair

08: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Small scale

  • W: Jiri Kure, F-4J Phantom

  • C: Barry McDonnell, McDD F-4J Phantom VF-74 USN

  • C: Min Hwang, Su-33 Flanker D

  • C: Peter Davis, B-52H

09: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Medium scale

  • W: Simon Holdsworth, United States Navy A-4E Skyhawk in Adversary

  • C: Min Hwang, Su-17M4 Fitter-K

  • C: Simon Holdsworth, ROCAF Lockheed U-2C

10: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Medium scale

  • W: Sam Dwyer, F-14D VF-31 'Tomcatters'

  • C: Sam Dwyer, Tamiya F-4B Phantom 'Sundowners'

  • C: Min Hwang, Su-33 Flanker D

11: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Large scale

  • W: Eric Galliers, Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka Type 22

  • C: Peter White, GAF Mirage IIIO

12: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Large scale

  • W: Eric Galliers, F/A-18 Hornet

  • C: Andrew Perren, F-14D Tomcat

  • C: Andrew Perren , F-5F Tiger II VFC 111 Sundowners

  • C: Andrew Perren , F-5E (Mig 28) Top Gun

13: Helicopters

  • W: Nathan Bradford, Iroquois Bushranger

14: Civilian & Airliners

  • W: Simon Holdsworth, 1/200 Qantas Boeing 767-238ER

  • C: Eric Galliers, Macchi MC52

  • C: Lukas Kasuba: "Trener" Zlin-226M

15: AFV. Tracked. Small scale

  • W: Vicente Tan, M1A2 SEP Abrams Absolute Death

  • C: Clayton Ockerby, Chieftain Mk10

16: AFV. Wheeled. Small scale

  • W: Clayton Ockerby, M1126 Stryker

17: AFV. Tracked. Medium scale

  • W: Peter Farrugia, T55 MTB

  • C: Clayton Ockerby, KV-1

18: AFV. Wheeled. Medium scale

  • W: Peter Farrugia, Kubel wagon

19A: AFV. Tracked. Large scale. German

  • W: Chris Leeman, Sd.Kfz 251/9

  • C: Clayton Ockerby, RSO Pak40

  • C: Rod Martin, German RSO/3 towing PAK 40/L46 Anti Tank Gun

  • C: Rod Martin, Tiger 1 (1/25 scale)

19B: AFV. Tracked. Large scale. Other

  • W: Sam Dwyer, Somua S35 FFI Paris

  • C: Paul Lee, M113

20: AFV. Wheeled. Large scale

  • W: Matt Hampton, Austin Armoured Car 1918 Pattern, 17th Armoured

  • C: Ian Keizers, Canadian Armoured Machine Gun Carrier

21: Artillery

  • W: Chris Leeman, 15cm SK C/28 Bismarck BbII/Stb II Turret

  • C: Ian Keizers, US 37mm Anti Tank Gun

22: Cars, Street

  • W: Paul Dorival, Bugatti Chiron

  • C: Paul Dorival, Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 427 Shelby 1967

23: Cars, Motorsport

  • W: Lee Adams, Mazda 787B

  • C: Paul Dorival, Maserati A6GCM 1953

  • C: Gordon Whaley, Nunu Audi R8 Red Bull Racing

24: Trucks

  • W: Andrew Doppel, Subaru Sambar Fire Truck 1/24

  • C: Greg Canning, United Nations Bedford, MK, Truck

25: Motorcycles

  • W: Lee Adams, Suzuki GSXR750

  • C: Lee Adams, Suzuki Hayabusa

  • C: Julian Lowe, Factory Yamaha YZR500 2001 MotoGP

26: Diorama, Class A (0-1 Vehicle + 0-3 Figures)

  • W: Sam Dwyer, Rollerball - Ukrainian Ball Tank

  • C: Peter Davis, Captured R-35

  • C: Sam Dwyer, Playtimes Over

  • C: Clayton Ockerby T34/85 Korean

27: Diorama, Class B (Not Class A)

  • W: Sam Dwyer, Schnell Marsche

  • C: Jared Clifford, Flesh Tearers Vs Tyranids Diorama

  • C: Sam Dwyer, T-64BV Model 1987

28: Figures: Historical, Large (76mm+)

  • W: Allan McRae, Mr Zero Wolf from the film Apocalypto

30: Figures: Fantasy & Sci-Fi (all)

  • W: Jared Clifford, The Minotaur

  • C: Jared Clifford, Panda Monk

31: Busts

  • W: Jared Clifford, Katsura Otoko

  • C: Andrew Perren, U-Boat Captain

  • C: Jared Clifford, Erynis

32A: Vehicles: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Movie

  • W: Luis Pinzon, Lunadiver Stingray Monn Snowman

  • C: Eddie Duncan, Minotaur Artillery Tank

32B: Vehicles: Real Space

  • W: David Goldfinch, Mercury Boilerplate -Atlas Rocket

  • C: David Goldfinch, A4/V2 Rocket

  • C: David Goldfinch, Convair SM-65D Atlas Rocket

33: Gundam, Straight Build

  • W: Alex Ayre, GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh

  • C: Edward Scott, Gundam Lfrrith 1/144 HG

34: Gundam, Repaint

  • W: David Goldfinch, Zaku II

  • C: Lawrence, MG RX-93 V

  • C: Edward Scott, MSM-04 Acguy MG

35: Gundam, Custom

  • W: Marrisa Christina, Amazing Exia

  • C: Gav Cross, Barba Rex Knight

  • C: Ronald Zhang, RG Hi-Nu

  • C: Ronald Zhang, RG Sazabi

36: Mecha

  • W: Leonardo Furlan, Fighting Mono-Bike Hound - Maschinen

  • C: Leonardo Furlan, Black Knight Plus with Pilot - Maschinen Krieger

  • C: Leonardo Furlan, White Knight with pilot - Maschinen Krieger

37A: Ships. Allied

  • W: Lukas Kasuba, G-5 Class Motor Torpedo Boat

  • C: Greg Lester, USS Thetis Bay

37B: Ships. Axis

  • W: Edward Clark, Admiral Graf spree

38: Subs

  • W: Greg lester, U-9

  • C: Ian Keizers, IJN I-25 B-1 Type Submarine

  • C: Bruce Kirk, IJN I-400 Class Submarine

  • C: David Goldfinch, Japanese midget Submarine

39: Rail

  • W: Trevor Stohr, Dampflokomotive BR86

40: What-If? (All subjects)

  • W: Gav Cross, SHAROTANK

41: Scratchbuilt/Open. (Any scale, any subject)

  • W: Gav Cross, SEEKER

  • C: Scott Davies, Styracosaurus

  • C: Luis Pinzon, Walking Steampunk Mecha

  • C: Scott Davies, Carnotaurus

44: Kittyhawk Cup

  • W: Alistair Scott, BAE hawk

  • C: Ray Seppala, BAE Hawk MK51 - Finnish Midnight Hawks

45: Sentinel Shield

  • W: Daniel McIntosh, Sherman early production

  • C: Chris Leeman, Sherman Firefly

46: The Grail

  • W: Scott Webb, F-15J Mount Fuji 50th anniversary

  • C: Julius Emmerson, Fuji T-1B '1st Technical School JASDF 50th

  • C: Greg Waddington, Knight Twister Imperial