The Grail

The Grail at ScaleACT-24 is: 

“The Masterbox Medal”

2024 will see the return of a former Grail subject, last run ten years ago. The subject was partly chosen due to the popularity of the figure painting workshop series kindly run by David Hay. 

So - The Masterbox Medal - you are encouraged to enter any figure from the Masterbox 1/35 or 1/32 range of figure kits.

There are heaps of subjects to choose from, ranging from up-to-date modern, Vietnam, WW1 and WW2, Napoleonic, Greco-Persian wars, Wild West and American Civil war, fashion and maid café, to zombie and apocalyptic.

The Grail - Masterbox Medal Rules

The spirit of The Grail is that kits must be built 'Out of the Box' - however, a  number of Masterbox figure kits, particularly the cavalry ones, have the artwork and box photos showing straps, reins, stirrup straps etc, however no material for these is supplied in the box!

As you can imagine, these models would look pretty weird if no reins or other straps could be added!

Entrants may therefore add reins, straps etc using everyday modelling items such as foil, string, plasticard, tape etc.

NOTE: These changes or enhancements should only be made to reflect the box art or supplied photos please. 

Commercial aftermarket products, such as resin heads, hands, weapons, equipment etc are still NOT eligible.