The Grail

The Grail subject for ScaleACT-22 is: Fifty (yep, 50)!

As 2022 is the 50th anniversary of the ACTSMS, we've selected the theme of “Fifty” for this years Grail comp. Ok - so what does that mean? If your entry can be associated by name or concept to “fifty” then it qualifies and can be entered. The category is pretty open – just be creative as long as you think you can justify a link to the idea of fifty. :-)

So, you could enter;

  • a B-50 bomber, or,

  • a 50cc minibike, or,

  • a diorama including fifty figures, or,

  • a BTR-50 amphibious APC, or,

  • a spooky space-monster with 50 tentacles!

Absolutely anything that you can relate to “fifty” will be accepted!

Competition Conditions

Entries to this competition must meet the following criteria;

  • Any model built from a kit, out of the box, modified or scratch-built.

  • However - the model must be built by you - so diecast models or pre-assembled models are not eligible!

Should there be any doubt on whether an entry meets these conditions, the decision of the Scale ACT Chief Judges team is final.

Judging Format

Due to the wide variety of subjects that may be entered, it will be very difficult to apply the usual competition judging format. Instead, the competition will be run as a form of people’s choice. One voting ticket for the will be given to each visitor/competitor at Scale ACT, simply fill in the form with the number of the model you think is the best!