Special Trophies & Awards

The following special trophies and awards up for grabs at Scale ACT 23

Best of Show (sponsored by Runway 13)

The model chosen as the best of the best, selected out of the winners of the individual judging categories.

People’s Choice (sponsored by Platypus Publications)

We ask show visitors to vote on the model that they think is the best in the competition.

“The Commonwealth Cup” (sponsored by ACTSMS, IPMS Farnborough & IPMS Ottawa)

This is an award for the best Australian, British or Canadian model in the competition. This is a special collaboration between our international sister clubs IPMS Farnborough and IPMS Ottawa, and also awarded at their shows too

“The Masochist’s Award for courage in the face of a difficult project” (sponsored by Runway 13)

Recognition of the work done by a determined modeller to complete an old, difficult, poorly moulded or just plain awful kit

Best Painted Model (sponsored by The Scale Modellers Supply)

We all love a beautiful paint job, and this award recognises the effort in creating a good finish

Best RAAF Aircraft: Senior and Junior (sponsored by the Air Force Association (ACT Division))

A special award to recognise and encourage the building of models of RAAF subjects