Special: Cars

Best Endurance Racing Car” is the theme for our annual special Cars award.

2023 marks 100 years since the first Le Mans 24 Hour race, so in that spirit our choice of car special award theme is “Best Endurance Racing Car”.

Eligible models include any model depicting an association with endurance racing, essentially any race requiring endurance of man/woman and machine, multiple pitstops and crew changes etc.

Rally cars are acceptable as these are multi-day events, whereas Formula 1 does not as these are single races with a set number of laps on one day. 

Examples of eligible Endurance Racing cars include:

Enter any car which falls within this theme in any of the car categories, and also be in the running for the special “Best Endurance Racing Car” award.

A reminder: diecast models are not eligible.

We are looking into creating a special trophy for the winner, and maybe a prize or two to go with it… stay tuned for more details!