Competition Categories

ScaleACT-23 Competition Categories

The following competition categories will be offered at ScaleACT-23. 

If your subject doesn't fit into any of the following (most models should) please contact us beforehand and we'll happily help sort things out :-) 

Gundam folk, please note our Gundam and Mecha categories.


(A note on Aircraft Scales. Small refers to 1/72 or smaller (1/144, 1/200, etc...). Medium refers to 1/48. Large refers to 1/32, 1/24 etc...)

01: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Small scale

02: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Small scale

03: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Medium scale

04: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Medium scale

05: Military Aircraft. Prop, single. Large scale

06: Military Aircraft. Prop, multi. Large scale

07: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Small scale

08: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Small scale

09: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Medium scale

10: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Medium scale

11: Military Aircraft. Jet, single. Large scale

12: Military Aircraft. Jet, multi. Large scale

13: Helicopters

14: Civilian & Airliners


(A note on AFV scales. Small refers to 1/72 or smaller (1/76, 1/100 etc...). Medium is 1/48, Large is 1/35 or bigger).

15: AFV. Tracked. Small scale

16: AFV. Wheeled. Small scale

17: AFV. Tracked. Medium scale

18: AFV. Wheeled. Medium scale

19: AFV. Tracked. Large scale

20: AFV. Wheeled. Large scale

21: Artillery

Wheeled vehicles

22: Cars, street

23: Cars, motorsport

24: Trucks

25: Motorcycles

Dios & Figs

26: Diorama, Class A (0-1 Vehicle + 0-3 Figures)

27: Diorama, Class B (Not Class A)

28: Figures: Historical, Large (76mm+)

29: Figures: Historical, Small (76mm -)

30: Figures: Fantasy & Sci-Fi (all)

31: Busts

Space, Gundam, Mecha

32: Vehicles: Real Space, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Movie

33: Gundam, Straight Build

34: Gundam, Repaint

35: Gundam, Custom

36: Mecha

Damp things

37: Ships

38: Subs

Other! (sorry)

39: Rail

40: What-If? All subjects

41: Scratchbuilt/Open. (Any scale, any subject)

Younger entrants

42: Juniors (12<=)

43: Young Guns (13-17)


44: Kittyhawk Cup

45: Sentinel Shield

46: The Grail

47: Achievement Unlocked, Air subjects

48: Achievement Unlocked, Ground subjects

In addition to the regular competition categories, ScaleACT-23 will also offer special awards.